Welcome to Save our Souls (formerly known as Esuo Esu), a fanlisting for the great Soul series created by Namco (known as Namco-Bandai nowadays). The games in the Soul series are Soul Edge/Blade, Soul Calibur, Soul Calibur II, Soul Calibur III, Soul Calibur Legends, Soul Calibur IV, Soul Calibur: Broken Destiny and Soul Calibur V. As you probably know, the Soul series are fighting games (beat 'em up), meaning you play as a character who fights against another. Unlike most other fighting games, the Soul series uses weapons. The story is interesting as well.
This site is for now only a fanlisting with a few extras, but I would love to make it into a little tribute. I will at least add more content in the future, but for now, please enjoy what I have here and be sure to join the fanlisting! Show the world that you're a fan :)


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